Will Getting a Credit Report Lower My Credit Score

Where Should I Get My Credit Score​?

If there is one thing you will soon find, if you are looking for your credit score it is that there is no lack of outfits trying to separate you from your money. For example, how many times a day do you receive spam mail (check your spam box there’s sure to be some there) from one of the three major credit bureaus or one of their partners advertising low-cost (first -month-only) access to your complete credit history.

You can use this option for speed, but you will need to remember two things: 1. they will require your credit card number and 2. the number of days they offer you this service seems to have shrunk to the vicinity of two week, so watch the calendar carefully.

Where to Get Your Credit ScoreBetter, though, is the fact that you can obtain your credit score for free from each major credit bureau by either contacting their consumer help email line or calling their consumer line and requesting a copy  of your complete credit report.

If you suspect there may be trouble in “creditdise”  – you are late with many cards; you are hearing the traditional dinnertime calls from “Bill Green at Needleville House of Credit, we have been been asked by XYZ Co. to arrange payments on a debt of ….” They do have to tell you that you have the right to a cease and desist for a certain number of days.

It is during this time that you might want to contact one of the reputable consumer credit  consolidation firms and enter into an agreement whereby they will look at your credit portfolio – all accounts, not just credit cards – and you when authorize them to negotiate for you on your behalf so that you can cut your total credit bill by huge amounts. They will also get you your current credit score and as they work with you they will help you with regular updates.

This is not a program for the faint of heart because you must pay this bill every month or you will be in arrears to your credit consolidation program and this could be considered grounds for action so make it your business to pay the bill when it is due. Not to worry, though, because they will leave you enough money monthly to pay for food and other essentials. It’s just that they not only halt the dinner calls, but they also help you by cutting your consumer debt and raising your current credit score.

Check with the Better Business Bureau or other groups in you area as they may know of or offer similar services on a free-basis, especially if your income falls below certain guidelines. Those guidelines are pretty stringent so be sure you meet them before you ask for help and don’t try to pull a fast one on them because many times they are also related in one way or another to either the BBB or attorney general of your state and that could prove embarrassing.