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Best Business American Express Credit Cards

American Express is a paramount world-wide credit card provider and one of the most popular companies in the world. It was recently ranked thirteenth among the top 50 of the most admired companies in the world by Fortune Magazine. It provides a compelling line up of credit cards both for business and personal use.

AmEx as what most consumers fondly call it is considered by many as the gold standard in the industry. It is not easy to secure an American Express credit card as it usually requires a superior credit score for an applicant to qualify for one. Despite the higher annual fees and interest rates, businessmen and jet shuttling corporate warriors have developed a fondness and a preference for AmEx cards. This is simply because every credit card from American Express comes packed with features, perks, and rewards no other credit card can match.

American Express probably understands the small business men better than anyone else in the industry. That is why it has developed a complete lineup of superior business credit cards that caters to their specific needs and wants.

Among the best business American Express Credit Cards are the following:

  • Credit CardsThe Gold Delta Sky Miles Business Credit Card for the small businessmen who do a lot of traveling –  This card awards you a mile for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases with participating outlets and 2 miles for every dollar you spend on Delta Air tickets. Not only that, the card lets you book a ticket with Delta anytime without worrying that the airline may have blocked out dates. Besides, you will be accorded priority boarding privileges and check in your first bag for free. You will also get 20% discount on in flight food and drinks. The best part is it won’t charge you an annual fee on the first year with a minimal $95 annual fee thereafter.
  • The Plum Card from American Express is the perfect credit card for small businessmen concerned with their company’s cash flow. This card not only gives you a 1.5% off on your credit card bills if you pay early, it also allows you to pay your credit card bills within 60 days from the due dates without charging any interest. This card gives you more cash flow flexibility by allowing you to set your own billing cycle. You can choose to receive your credit card bills at the start, in the middle, or at the end of each month. American Express pays for your first year annual fee and it will be $250 annually thereafter.
  • For the small businessmen who travel frequently and also make sizable office supplies and gasoline purchases regularly as well as dine out frequently, the True Earnings Business Credit Card from American Express and Costco allows them to enjoy the best of both worlds with remarkable cash back rewards and substantial discounts. The card doubles as a Costco membership card so you’ll enjoy an annual fee free shopping at any Costco outlet and take advantage of Costco’s low price products. Not only that, you will get up to 4% cash back on your gasoline purchases in any stand-alone gas station in the country including at Costco. You’ll also be entitled to 2% cash back at participating U.S. restaurants and 1% cash back on other purchases including those made at Costco. You’ll also be entitled to 2% cash back on travel expenses from a network of companies in the travel industry to include Jet Blue airlines and Hertz car rental services.

There are more than 20 American Express Business Credit Cards currently being offered to small businessmen by the company including the three we mentioned above. This means whatever your specific needs may be, there is an AmEx business credit card that will fit perfectly into your business. Unfortunately, your business has to be well established and you must have and an excellent credit score to be able to qualify for any of them.