Credit Cards for Different Credit Scores

Best Credit Cards with No Annual Fees

Applying for a good credit card encompasses thorough examination of the perks that the credit company gives. Comparing credit companies is by far the most logical way to avail of the best card supplier. One of the basic fees that can increase the interest rate is the annual fee. But there are some companies which offer a no annual fee card such as the following:

 1. Citi’s Simplicity Card. This is the most famous card among its product line. Aside from a waived annual fee, it also offers the lowest introductory APR, no penalty rate and late fees for 18 month membership and the annual fee is waived. Added services are an online account management, customer service available 24/7, constant protection of account and price rewind wherein purchases can be registered to Citi’s website; the company will then search for retailers who may offer lower prices within 30 days upon date of purchase. Once Citi found a store with lower prices, the price difference can be claimed back.

Credit Cards for Different Credit Scores2. HSBC. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation claims to offer a no annual fee card for life. Apart from this, a low interest rate on purchases, balance transfer and cash advance are an added offer. It also has the Home and Away Privilege Program wherein instant discounts on accommodation, travel, shopping in Australia and other countries are given away.

 3. American Express’ Blue Cash Everyday. Another no annual fee credit card. The company offers cash back gained through qualified purchases. Cash back can be availed as a credit statement, merchandise and other gift items through Rewards Dollars. American Express gives certain cash back on different US establishments such as 3% on stand- alone supermarkets, 2% on gasoline stations and select department stores. As a welcome offer, new card members are entitled to 100 reward dollars for $1,000 spending.

4. Virgin credit card.  Aside from the fact that there is no annual fee for a lifetime, this card offers a number of benefits. It gives interest free purchases for up to 44days and an annual rate of 18.99%.  A reasonable 2.9% per annum balance transfer rate for 6 months can also be availed. Virgin credit card takes pride of their Fraudshield which is a system that protects the users and their transactions by detecting irregular purchases made on the credit card.

5. Citibank’s Ready Credit. This is a great choice for borrowers who want to use plastics to cover for bills, groceries, and other personal acquisition such as car, vacation or home improvements. Guaranteed to have 0% annual fee, it’s also the best option for individuals who want to combine all debts into just a single credit facility. Ready Credit offers worldwide privileges and discounts such as free bottle of wine each time the user dine in a Citibank partner restaurant.

There is still a lot of no-annual fee credit card, and the key is just research. There is no reason for charge-off if a user will just be careful on choosing the best credit card company. Annual fees can really be skyrocketing high, but there is a definite way on how to eliminate them. Being fully aware by examining the fine prints will be one of the keys.