Credit Card Rewards

Best Credit Card Rewards Programs

Now is the best time to get a new credit card because companies are giving away lots of rewards when you sign up for a new card.  The rewards given away range from free cash, free airline tickets, free merchandise and many other perks they can think of offering to their clients. These are real bonuses that you can use and enjoy when you sign up for credit cards. You can have all these if you have a credit score that qualifies you to sign up for a new credit card. Credit card companies offer different sets of bonuses and perks and it is up to you to choose which one offers the best credit card rewards programs. The following are some of the companies and a brief rundown of their offers.

Credit Card Rewards1. Capital Venture Card – For people who travel a lot, this is the card to have. It offers reward points amounting to around 2% on all travel-related expenses which the cardholder can redeem and pay for his hotel bills, airline tickets, and other travel expenses. There are no requirements imposed when the rewards points are redeemed. The cardholder simply pays for the current bills using his accumulated bonus points. It offers a 100-dollar signup bonus and is one of the cards that offer the best credit card rewards programs.

2.  Blue Cash Everyday – This card from American Express is what you should have in your hand if you are a great spender and have an excellent credit record. It offers 3% rebates on your first $6000 purchase in stand-alone U.S. supermarkets and 1% for succeeding purchases. It also offers 2% cash back on gas purchases from selected filling stations and all purchases from specified major department stores nationwide. The rebates come in the form of statement credit which can be redeemed through the Reward Dollars plan. There are no other requirements like minimum purchases or enrollment to the bonus offers. You are entitled to $100 dollar cash bonus when you spend at least 1,000 dollars on the first three months.

3. Chase Freedom Visa – This is another cash back credit card issued by JPMorgan Chase.  It offers a remarkable 5% rebate for all your quarterly purchases in selected rotating categories like groceries, gas, travel, department stores, movies, restaurants and the like, which can translate into big savings if you plan to purchase in bulk.  It offers a 1% across-the-board rebate on all other purchases. It gives a 100-dollar cash bonus on the first 500$ you spend.  It does not charge annual fees.

4. Bank Americard Cash Rewards – Cards with the best credit card rewards programs usually have excellent cash back offers.  This card offers a 100$ cash bonus on your initial qualifying purchase and does not charge annual fees. You enjoy a 2% cash back bonus on grocery purchases and 3% cash back on gas purchases if you spend a combined 1,500 dollars purchases per quarter for both gas and groceries.  The card also offers 1% cash back on all other purchases.